Soccer matches will be banned in the UK for racism on social networks

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced his intention to ban people who have made racist insults in social networks from attending soccer matches. He announced this on Wednesday, July 14, at a meeting of Parliament, reports The Independent.

“If a person has been found guilty of spreading racist views online, he will not attend matches. No ifs or buts. No exceptions and no excuses,” Johnson said, announcing the new bill.

Earlier in social networks on black players of the national soccer team of Great Britain was bombarded with a barrage of criticism and racist insults from fans for the fact that at the crucial moment they could not implement a penalty in the final match of Euro-2020.

It is specified that under the current legislation bans on attending soccer matches do not apply to offenses committed on the Internet, which prompts the authorities to tighten measures in this direction.

Along with this, the announced bill also contains requirements for platforms: IT companies would have to remove all extremist content from their platforms themselves under threat of fines, which could be as much as 10% of their annual turnover.

On July 12, Johnson condemned racist attacks on the England team on social networks. According to him, the players are worthy of praise, and those who wrote insults “should be ashamed.”

Such behavior was also condemned by the Football Association of England. The association said people who say such things are not true fans of the national team. The London police said the hate speech would be investigated.