Somnologist called for dropping the alarm clock during self-isolation

The self-insulation mode is useful for determining the sleep rate and refraining from the alarm clock to improve the quality of rest at night. This opinion was shared on Saturday, April 4, by Alexander Kalinkin, head of the Center for Sleep Medicine at the Lomonosov Moscow State University, a doctor-sonomologist.

“The main advice is not to use an alarm clock, especially in the current situation, because a person has almost no urgent business, he does not need to run somewhere in the morning. You have to bring your sleep back to normal so that the awakening is natural.”

He noted that the use of an alarm clock leads to chronic sleep deprivation and as a result it affects not only the quality of life, but also the activity of the genome.

In addition, according to Kalinkin, sleep duration is dependent on resistance to viral infections.

“I can’t say that this applies to this type of coronavirus, which we are currently dealing with <…> But for other viruses of acute respiratory diseases there is a dependence: the risk of disease in a person who sleeps more than seven hours, compared to someone who sleeps less than five hours, is reduced by 250%,” said the doubter.