Sony created a VR controller with finger movement tracking

Sony created a VR controller with finger movement tracking. It is likely to be used in controllers for next-gen PlayStation set-top boxes, writes Tech Xplore with a link to the development description published in the online library ACM.

The development was carried out by engineers from Sony Interactive Entertainment. According to the words, the controller accurately reproduces the movements of the player’s hands and fingers.

Applications for tracking user finger movements usually use cameras that record the movement of fingers, such as Oculus Quest. In addition, capacitive proximity sensors, which provide more accurate motion detection, have recently appeared on the market.

But, as Sony researchers say, cameras and sensors are not an ideal solution, because their work requires additional physical controllers and the technology needs to be improved and improved.

The controller, developed by Sony, is able to accurately capture the movement of the user’s fingers without additional equipment, according to its developers. It has built-in 62 electrodes and an optical monitoring system, which is controlled by a neural network and allows you to accurately track even the slightest movements of your fingers.

“We aim to push the boundaries of our finger tracking capabilities to more intuitively interact with the user and computer in virtual reality. Our technology is not only able to detect finger touch on a specific electrode, but also predicts finger movement in 3D using values from all sensors.”

Kazuyuki Arimatsu, lead author of the study