Sources learned about Merkel’s plans to preserve Nord Stream 2

Sources of the Bloomberg agency in the Bundestag reported that the ruling bloc of German Chancellor Angela Merkel CDU/CSS and the Social Democratic Party of Germany are not going to refuse to complete the Nord Stream – 2 gas pipeline.

The Agency’s interlocutors stressed that the project is supported by the German industry and deep ties with Russia are unlikely to disrupt its implementation.

Factors that influenced the policy decision also include the hostile attitude of the USA towards the gas pipeline and the need to pay compensation in case of the project disruption.

On September 2, the head of the opposition German party Catherine Goering-Eccardt said that the political forces demanded from the German government to stop the project “Nord Stream-2” because of new data on the incident with Russian blogger Alexei Navalny.

On the same day, the German government, based on data from a special laboratory of the Bundeswehr, said that samples of a nerve agent of the “Novichok” group in Navalny’s coma contained “unequivocal evidence”. The German Chancellor, in turn, argued that Navalny had been “deliberately poisoned. There was no evidence or facts attached to either the statement of the authorities of Germany or the statements of her Chancellor, as well as all official inquiries, including those of the General Prosecutor’s Office of Russia and doctors, remained unanswered by Berlin.

Moscow called such statements of the FRG authorities another information campaign against Russia, as they are not supported by facts. The agency also called on the German side to pass on to Moscow the data, on the basis of which conclusions were drawn about Navalny’s “poisoning”.