South Australia will cancel the quarantine imposed due to the lies of the pizzeria worker

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Three days earlier, South Australian authorities are repealing a strict coronavirus quarantine imposed after a lie by an employee at a local pizzeria. This was announced on Friday, November 20, by the Australian television channel ABC.

Most of the new restrictions will be lifted from midnight on Saturday.

A six-day quarantine would have been imposed on November 18 because the authorities were unable to establish a link between three cases of COVID-19. According to the new restrictions, local residents were only allowed to leave their homes once a day to receive basic necessities.

As it turned out, the cause of the problems in establishing contact persons was the lie of a local resident who said he had contracted coronavirus when he was buying pizza and was actually working in the facility.

“A close acquaintance associated with Woodville’s pizza place intentionally misled the contact search team,” State Premier Stephen Marshall said. – Now we know that they lied. To say that I’m angry is not to say anything, we are absolutely furious about this man’s actions. <...> I will not allow one man’s shameful behavior to keep South Australia under quarantine for one day longer than necessary.

Local police commissioner Grant Stevens, in turn, said a pizza restaurant employee who lied to the authorities would not be fined or charged for his actions.