South Korea has created material that will make the military invisible

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The masking “skin” created by South Korean scientists will allow the military to become invisible, merging with the environment. The development of promising material is reported by the publication of “Popular Mechanics,” referring to a publication in the magazine Advanced Functional Materials.

The new material is an array of “pixels”, which contain thermochrome liquid crystals that can change their color. The innovative material can hide a person from infrared night vision cameras, cooling or heating to the level of the surrounding space.

Korean scientists showed how the masking “skin” works by gluing the hand with a small patch of new material. The patch on the hand, which was placed on a blue background, also received a blue color. Plus, the patch’s temperature was changing. It looks impressive, but engineers and scientists admit that the real application of the new technology is still far away – first, you need to improve it.

“We want the camouflage skin to change its color on its own under environmental conditions – now the necessary data is entered manually. The team of engineers is already close to the optimal solution of this problem,” say the creators of the new camouflage technology. The military is already interested in the technology and wants to get new solutions for camouflage of manpower and equipment on the battlefield.