Space emergency – the planet Jupiter collided with an unknown object

An unusual emergency occurred in our solar system, associated with its largest planet Jupiter. As reported Earth Sky September 13 in it crashed into an unknown object.

Many professional and amateur astronomers in different countries have witnessed this collision. A few scientists even managed to shoot photos and video of the event, due to which a bright flash was formed on the surface of the giant planet.

Observers watched Jupiter that day as the shadow of its moon Io passed across the surface of the planet. The observations were suddenly interrupted by a bright flash. Several astrophotographers captured the flash.

Among them was the astronomer from Germany, Harald Paleske. According to him, he was watching the dark shadow of Io cross the surface of Jupiter and was filming the process when he noticed something unusual.

“I was surprised by the bright flash of light. It could only have been an impact,” the scientist said.
The event was later confirmed by several other European astronomers who were also lucky enough to capture it on video.

It is too early to say what object crashed into Jupiter. According to the preliminary version, it could be an asteroid measuring at least 100 meters across.

Collisions of asteroids with this planet occur quite frequently. Researchers hope to identify the unknown object from images and video recordings.

Now observers are aiming their telescopes at Jupiter in hopes of detecting a dark mark or a temporary “scar” that may have formed as a result of the impact.