Spain will develop a coronavirus spray

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Spanish scientists began developing an oral spray that, when sprayed, could stop the coronavirus from spreading. This was reported by the High Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) on Friday, July 31.

If the molecules of the spray will effectively deter the infection, it can be used against other types of virus, said in a message on the website of the council.

“At present, it is believed that infection begins in the oropharyngeal cavity, so the pharmaceutical form of spray based on certain molecules will create a barrier through which the virus particles will not be able to penetrate, losing its effect,” said one of the authors of the study Julia Revuelta.

The use of the spray will neutralize viral particles, even if infection has already occurred. As a result, the spread of infection into the lung area will be suppressed.

The day before, WHO Regional Director for Europe Hans Kluge announced a marked increase in the percentage of young people in Europe identified as having coronavirus. The same day, it became known that European countries were increasingly preparing for the arrival of the second wave of COVID-19.

According to the data of the statistical bureau Worldometer as of July 31, 2.8 million cases of coronavirus were registered in Europe, more than 202 thousand patients died and more than 1.7 million people recovered.