Spanish students on strike for safe sanitary conditions

Spanish university students went on general strike to demand safe sanitary conditions to resume classes as the number of coronavirus infections increased. This was reported on Wednesday, August 26, by the Royal Students’ Union on its Facebook page.

“The Student Union is calling a general student strike on September 16, 17 and 18 in defense of our right to receive full-time and quality education in a safe environment,” it said.

Students are demanding safe sanitary conditions, including class sizes of no more than 15 people per classroom, more staff – teachers and janitors – to be hired for this purpose, and to address the digital divide in the country’s educational system.

Coral Latorre, spokesperson for the Student Union, asked students on the porch of the Spanish Ministry of Education to support the strike.

“For the fifth month now, we’ve been watching the Ministry of Education stand in a position without taking any measures to ensure our right to study in safe classrooms,” La Sexta quoted him as saying.

In addition, the teachers of Madrid are going to take part in the strike. They also demand that the Ministry of Education and the autonomous communities thoroughly sanitize the premises of educational institutions and ensure maximum care for teachers at risk.