Special equipment column of Russian Ministry of Defense arrived in Bergamo

A convoy of special equipment with military specialists of the Russian Defense Ministry arrived at the Orio al Serio airfield in Bergamo to help Italy fight the coronavirus.

According to the Russian military department, servicemen arrived at the location of the Italian-Russian headquarters for the fight against coronavirus from the Italian Air Force Base “Pratica de Mare”, and the length of the route was about 600 km.

“As part of the column in Bergamo arrived a mobile complex of analysis and diagnosis, high-performance mobile disinfectants with a stock of disinfectants, special equipment to provide qualified assistance to serious patients affected by coronavirus infection,” the report says.

Russian specialists will start rendering assistance in the fight against COVID-19 after specification of tasks.

Earlier on March 25 it was reported that the fifteenth IL-76 aircraft of the military transport aviation of the Russian Air Force with the equipment for diagnostics and disinfection delivered special equipment and means for struggle against coronavirus to the Italian Air Force base.