Special services of Germany are able to monitor messages in messengers

The German government wants to expand powers of special services and allow them to monitor messages in messengers. This was announced by representative of German Cabinet of Ministers Ulrike Demmer on October 21.

During the briefing Demmer said that the corresponding decision was taken on Wednesday but it has yet to be approved by the parliament.

“It is necessary to monitor serious threats to our legal state,” – explained the representative of the Cabinet.

She specified that it would be impossible to intercept messages without a reason. In each individual case, the order of the higher management will be required.

According to the current legislation, the German intelligence services can only track calls of messenger users. The German government hopes that the reform of this point will allow fighting extremism more effectively.

On October 1 the agency Reuters reported that hackers got access to 1,4 thousand smartphones of officials in 20 countries on different continents due to vulnerability in messenger WhatsApp. The victims of cybercriminals were government and military officials, mainly from countries – allies of the United States, including the UAE, Bahrain, Mexico, Pakistan and India.