Specialists found out what the real war in space would look like

What will space battles look like if the superpowers continue to move towards the militarization of outer space? This question was attempted to be answered by the experts who published a report in the Aerospace Corporation.

Imagining space battles, people remember “Star Wars” and other fantastic films. But real battles in space, as scientists assure, will have nothing to do with what was shown in the movies. Real space battles will be very slow and “boring”.

“Battles in space will not pursue such a basic goal for ground operations as territory control. Military satellites are standing still and moving at a great speed, so the control over one or another sector of space rather implies the destruction of enemy satellites. Such operations will require slow and well-thought-out moves, so forget about the rapid battles of “Star Wars”,” experts say.

In the foreseeable future, space powers are unlikely to begin equipping satellites with weapons, so the real clashes in space will be more likely a deliberate collision of two satellites. But even in this case serious threats will arise – for example, satellite collisions will create whole clouds of dangerous space debris.