Spouses who survived in marriage for almost half a century died with a difference of four minutes

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Married for 48 years, spouses from the American state of North Carolina died of a coronavirus infection in one day. This is reported in the magazine People.

According to it, 67-year-old Johnny Lee Peples and his wife, 65-year-old Kathy Darlen, contracted COVID-19 in early August. They struggled with the disease for 30 days, but without success. When the doctors realized that it would be impossible to save the couple, they placed the couple’s beds next to each other in the same room. On September 2 they died holding hands with a difference of four minutes.

“They lived in marriage for 48 years, 50 years were together and went hand in hand,” said the son of the deceased Shane.

At the end of April, it was reported that the British spouses, who lived in marriage for 63 years, died one day from a coronavirus infection.