Sri Lanka arrests Miss World 2020 over crown incident

Sri Lankan police arrested Miss World 2020 title-holder Caroline Juri after she tried to take away the crown of Mrs. Sri Lanka

On Sunday, April 4, the awards ceremony for the winners of the Mrs. Sri Lanka pageant was held. This year’s winner was Pushinka De Silva. Jury member Caroline Juri, a previous titleholder and also Mrs. World 2020, disagreed with the jury’s opinion. She ripped the crown from the winner’s head and gave the trophy to the second-place woman.

Juri argued that De Silva was allegedly divorced from her husband, which is against the rules of the pageant.

“According to the rules, women who were married and then divorced can’t [participate in the contest], so I’m taking steps to make sure the crown goes to the girl who won second place,” Juri said as she presented the crown to the second place winner.

De Silva left the stage in tears. The woman later said she suffered head injuries. She filed a report with law enforcement, after which Juri was taken into custody.

A day later, pageant organizers ruled De Silva’s win was not against the rules, as she did not officially divorce her husband, although the couple had separated, ShowBuzz notes.

The winner accepted an apology from the organizers. De Silva said during a press conference that she dedicated her win to single mothers.

“There are many single mothers like me in Sri Lanka right now who are suffering in the same way. I dedicate this crown to those women who suffer while raising their children alone,” said Mrs. Sri Lanka.

The organizers of the competition apologized to the girl and expressed regret for the incident, pointing out the inadmissibility of the actions of a member of the jury.