SSU urged Google and Apple to block Russian applications

The Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) asked American corporations Google and Apple to consider blocking Russian mobile applications. It is stated in official Telegram-channel of the department on October 9.

It concerns the distribution of mobile applications including Russian social networks on Play Market and App Store services. These applications have been developed by legal entities that have been subject to sanctions, noted in the SBU.

SBU also asked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine to inform the companies operating in the country about the compliance with the requirements of current legislation.

September 22 it became known that Ukraine will block the mobile application of the Russian social network “VKontakte”. According to the National Security Service, the mobile application in the country has become available not because of the lifting of sanctions, but because of changes in the work of proxy servers, which allowed to bypass the blocking by providers of access to this application.

In May, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky extended sanctions against Russian social networks for three years, and also imposed restrictions on universities and museums in Russia.