State Department calls international cooperation part of plan to fight hackers

U.S. authorities intend to emphasize international cooperation in their strategy to combat hackers, including those from other countries. This was announced by a State Department spokeswoman on Wednesday, June 2, in connection with the cyber attack on JBS.

According to the spokeswoman, international cooperation in such an issue is “critically important” because transnational criminal elements that launder money this way are most often responsible for such crimes.

She avoided answering questions directly about whether Washington had given Moscow any specific information about the JBS hacking attack and whether the U.S. was ready for bilateral law enforcement cooperation with Russia in the case.

“As the White House said, administration officials are engaging directly with the Russian government on the case and signaling that responsible nations are not harboring criminals using computer ransomware viruses. I will not go into further details of our diplomatic interaction at this time,” the diplomat was quoted as saying.

In addition, she added that in view of recent events, the U.S. government has stepped up efforts to combat hackers in order to destroy their “ecosystem. To do this, the authorities intend to integrate the efforts of various U.S. agencies.

On the same day the US President Joe Biden dismissed the assumption that the Russian authorities could be behind the hacking attack on JBS USA and thus allegedly test its strength. At the same time, Biden said he is exploring possible retaliation against Russia over allegations of recent cyberattacks, including against the world’s largest meat producer, JBS.

Earlier Wednesday, Biden said he intends to discuss cybersecurity issues with Russian President Vladimir Putin during their June 16 summit in Geneva in light of the hacking attack on JBS USA.

The day before, White House Deputy Press Secretary Karin Jean-Pierre said that Washington is in direct contact with Moscow over the JBS USA cyberattack. According to her, hackers allegedly based in Russia may be involved in the incident.