Steinmeier stands for a “global alliance against the coronavirus”

In an article for The Financial Times, the President of Germany, as well as government leaders from Ethiopia, Jordan, Singapore and Ecuador called on the world community to join forces in the fight against the Coronavirus.

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier as well as government leaders from Ethiopia, Jordan, Singapore and Ecuador are calling for a “global alliance against the Coronavirus”. Leaders from five countries on different continents made a proposal in a joint article published in The Financial Times on Tuesday, March 31.

“Before this virus, we are all equal, and we need to work together to defeat it,” the article said. – No country will be spared by this pandemic, no matter how advanced its economy and technology is or how big its capacity is”. Among the concrete measures, the authors of the article propose to take to combat COVID-19 is the development of coronavirus vaccine SARS-CoV-2 and its equitable distribution around the world.

Require fair distribution of coronavirus vaccine

“The availability of a vaccine and an effective treatment for the disease (COVID-19. – Ed.) around the world should be an outstanding example of a ‘global public good’,” underlined German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, King Abdullah II of Jordan, President Sahe-Work Zewde of Ethiopia, President Halima Jacob of Singapore and President Lenin Moreno of Ecuador.

“Crises like this one reveal the best and worst sides of people,” the article says. According to the five politicians who wrote it, their task as state leaders is to stimulate the former and muffle the latter.

The number of coronavirus infections in the world

According to the American Johns Hopkins University on the morning of April 1, 858,785 cases of infection with coronavirus were registered worldwide. 42,1151 people on the planet died from coronavirus-induced SARS-CoV-2 pulmonary disease COVID-19.

The USA is currently the leader in the number of coronavirus patients with 188,172 cases of infection. Germany is in fifth place in the world with 71,808 patients. In Russia, according to the data of Johns Hopkins University as of April 1, 2 337 cases of infection were officially registered.