Steven Seagal showed the president of Venezuela how to use a sword

Actor, director and aikido master Steven Seagal presented Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro with a Japanese sword. He showed the head of the republic a few moves, local media reported.

Russian Foreign Ministry Special Representative for Russian-American Relations Steven Seagal gave the Venezuelan leader a gift during a working visit. Nicolas Maduro drew a sword from its sheath and swung it several times, repeating the movements of the Hollywood actor, the material specified. The actor showed the politician several fighting stances.

In late April, Steven Seagal paid a visit to the Russian Foreign Ministry.Since 2018, the actor is involved in the creation and implementation of projects in the field of science, culture, art and sports.

Earlier it became known that several years after obtaining Russian citizenship, the actor decided to sell his estate in Arizona. Until April this year, the mansion was valued at $3.775 million. At present, it costs $3.395 million.