Sticker that will charge your smartphone: a new type of solar panel has been developed

Young scientists of NRTU “MISIS” presented the project “InPOWER” – a new generation of solar batteries that work under diffused light. It will be possible to stick such a solar cell as a sticker on a smartphone case and completely refuse from wire charging. The light from the office lamp will be dim enough to charge. The project reached the final of the contest “Moscow Innovator”.

Smartphones are firmly in our lives, and they are used literally for everything: calls, messages, social networks, navigation on the road, Internet shopping, listening to music, watching videos, etc. With increasing functionality, the battery capacity remains quite limited – that’s why it’s become commonplace to carry a charge and power bank.

Of course, many smartphones have a wireless charging feature, but you should either carry the station with you, which is not always convenient, or look around. Slightly luckier those people who live in sunny regions: they can use special cases with solar silicon cells for charging. However, without direct sunlight such batteries are almost useless.

Young scientists of NRTU “MISIS” have found a way to solve the problem of wireless charging of smartphones – they have developed solar cells that can absorb even dim scattered light from office lamps. Perovskites are used instead of silicon – their absorption coefficient is 2 times higher than that of analogues on the market.

“To power the Wi-Fi transmitter will need only 5 cm2 of Perovskite solar cells, and for Bluetooth – 12 cm2 in dim office lighting. Besides, the technology allows printing solar cells on printers without expensive production processes and reduces the cost compared to analogues by 50%”, – says Danila Saranin, Development Manager, Engineer of the Laboratory of Advanced Solar Energy of NRTU “MISIS”.

While the young scientists have fully developed the modular range of batteries on glass and plastics, the next stage is certification and access to pilot projects.

In the end the team plans to create a product that will allow to completely abandon wires and sockets.

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