Stoltenberg accused Russia and China of a misinformation campaign

“Russian and Chinese players, state and non-state, have spread a lot of information and propaganda to distort the truth. This is the wrong attitude,” said NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in an interview with the Italian newspaper la Repubblica.

Stoltenberg added that he sees no other reason for such propaganda and misinformation than attempts to influence political processes in the alliance and the EU and destabilize the world situation.

“Of course, we have proved by the deed that we are united and that we help each other, which is the best answer to fake news together with the work of independent press: as long as we have free media, misinformation will not win. Besides, we continue to cooperate with the European Union in the fight against disinformation,” added the Secretary General of the alliance.

Earlier, the rector of the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Alexander Yakovenko, wrote in one of his articles: “It is unlikely that there will be any significant event that has occurred in recent months in the international arena – whether it be the issues of strategic stability and arms control or global counteraction to the spread of infection of coronavirus – about which there would be no accusations of deliberate distortion of the facts, of a biased interpretation of events or even of outright lies. The gradual increase in the level of allegations of this type of claim is extremely worrying. The latter have already gone beyond the statements of individual Western analysts and political scientists, and moved to the floors of the government establishment of the United States and some Western European countries.

Representatives of the political leadership of certain Western countries, including their leaders, began to criticize misinformation. Simultaneous increase of aggressive character of such official demarches by our western partners, their underlined ill-will bordering on hostility draws attention to itself”.