Strange mistake “kills” Samsung smartphones

At the end of last week, owners of Samsung smartphones complained about sudden failures in the operation of their devices. The mysterious mistake manifested itself in the Galaxy S series (except for the flagship S20) and Galaxy A. series.

According to the device owners, the smartphone can suddenly show a black screen, give a system error message or go into an endless reboot. At Samsung know about the problem and promise to find a solution soon, writes GizChina.

According to the publication, the cause of failures may have been an error in the built-in application “Calendar,” which was not updated in time and led to problems in the work of other related messages. Among those affected by the error are mainly Samsung users living in China.

For those who have encountered a malfunction, a manual has been issued to restore smartphone operation. You need to restart the device and then press the power button twice to turn on the camera application. After that all you need to do is take a picture and go to the gallery where the Notification Shutter will be available – from it you will have access to the settings (you may have to enter your password). In the settings you need to disable automatic date update for the lock screen and set the date a month earlier.

In addition, you need to disable automatic downloading of updates via Wi-Fi and wait for the “patch” to come out, which will need to be set manually.