Stray dog fights lioness in India and gets caught on video

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A stray dog bravely got into a fight with a lioness in India, barked at her and came out of the fight unharmed. The footage was posted on his Twitter account by Indian Forest Service officer Parveen Kaswan.

The fight took place in the Indian jungle in front of tourists watching in a safari jeep. The footage shows the dog, noticing the predator, rushes toward it and engages in a fight. The fight between the animals lasts for a while, after which the dog barks at the lioness and walks away, while the predator wanders away.

“I wish I could be as confident in life. The dog versus the lioness. It points out the problem of stray dogs and their interaction with wild animals,” Kaswan is quoted as saying.

The Forest Service officer’s microblogging subscribers began to discuss what they saw. In their opinion, the lioness was clearly not hungry, so she let her opponent leave the battlefield. Some users noted that sometimes even the size of the animal does not matter, while it is the self-confidence that matters.