Student “Oscar” award ceremony was held online for the first time

In particular, a student of the Baden-Wuerttemberg Academy Pascal Schelbli was awarded an Oscar for his “Beauty” – about the world ocean.

For the first time in history, the student Oscar award ceremony of the American Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences in Beverly Hills (California) was held on Wednesday, October 21, in a virtual format. One of the winners in the animation category of the international competition was Pascal Schelbli, a native of Swiss Zurich and a student of the Baden-Wuerttemberg Academy in West German Ludwigsburg. The jury noted his short film “The Beauty”. (“Beauty”).

The four-minute ribbon is dedicated to human responsibility for what our planet and, in particular, the world’s oceans will look like. “It is so important to preserve nature,” said the 33-year-old Swiss, admitting that he “never thought in his life” that he could win such a prestigious award.

The online ceremony was attended by film director Spike Lee, known from the movie “Malcolm X”, a master of comedy and drama Lulu Wang, animator animation studios of Walt Disney – Glen Keane and Mexican comedian Eugenio Derbes.

The winners may become Oscar nominees for adults.
This year, applications for the contest were sent by 207 American and 121 foreign students – representatives of, among others, Estonia, Norway, Belgium and Mexico. The winners were 18 students. Winners of the film award can also nominate their films for “adult” Oscar in 2021.

The Student Award of the Academy of Film Arts has been awarded since 1972. This trophy is often awarded to graduates of German universities. In 2017, for example, the winner of the prestigious film award was also a student of the Academy of Baden-Wuerttemberg – a young director Johannes Preuss. His short film “Galamsey” won in the category “Documentary Film”. Student of Hamburg Media School Katja Benrath with her work “Watu Wote – All of Us”, won the same year in the category “Art Film”.