Students at the protests in Minsk broke through police cordons

On September 1, at a protest rally in Minsk several dozens of Belarusian students broke through a police cordon on Independence Avenue near the building of the State Security Committee.

The action of students began in the morning, several participants of the rally were detained, but despite this, it continued. In the afternoon, according to estimates, the number of protesters reached 10 thousand. During an attempt to pass towards Independence Square, they were blocked by the Special Purpose Police Unit and some of the protesters turned to the neighboring streets.

Minsk law enforcers formed several chains in different parts of the Belarusian capital. At least two people were detained on Sverdlov Street. The detention occurred after a part of the protesters’ convoy crossed the street.

Some of the chains of law enforcement officers were circled along the roadway, and the cordon on Independence Avenue was broken.

Interior Ministry troops headed for the roadblock on Independence Square, where the main government buildings are located.

Striking students demanded that the August 9 elections be declared null and void, that political persecution of citizens cease, and that all political prisoners be released.