Sugar disappeared from stores in Kabul

The radical Taliban will find it hard to fulfill their obligations to the people. In the country, food prices are rising, and some have disappeared from the shelves altogether. The Russian ambassador to Kabul, Dmitry Zhirnov, said this on Friday, September 3.

“Prices are rising, some products have disappeared. Today they said sugar disappeared in Kabul. The national currency is devalued. And it is clear that the Taliban will find it more difficult to fulfill their social obligations, because there is less money,” the diplomat said in an interview.

Zhirnov pointed out that at present, the main problem in Afghanistan is the economic situation. According to him, under the government of Ashraf Ghani, three-quarters of the country’s budget was formed at the expense of “Western donations. Now it is gone, and Afghanistan’s foreign exchange reserves, which were kept in American banks, are frozen.

The ambassador also believes that the West could provoke an influx of migrants from Afghanistan by putting economic pressure on the country.

“If the West now strikes an economic blow to Afghanistan – not so much to the new authorities, but to the population – in general it can be predicted that these consequences of migration can become even worse,” Zhirnov believes.