Suspect involved in assassination of Haitian president pleaded not guilty

Lawyers for the businessman suspected of involvement in the assassination of the President of Haiti, head of CTU Security Antonio Intriago, deny his connection to the crime and call the man the victim of a deliberate plan. It was reported on Thursday, August 5, by TV channel Univision, citing a statement from the lawyers.

“Became the victim of an elaborate scheme by Haitian persons aimed at obtaining power in Haiti, in a program and action of which Intriago was not aware… He had no knowledge of or participation in the tragic events of July 7,” Intriago’s lawyers said.

On July 27, searches began in the state of Florida as part of the investigation into the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moise. According to media reports, the actions are related to the suspected involvement in the crime of Intriago and the owner of the financial firm Worldwide Capital Lending Group Walter Wintemille, but their involvement in the murder has not yet been confirmed.

The funeral of slain Haitian President Jovenel Moise was held in Cap-Haïtien on July 23. Moïse, who had led the state since 2017, was fatally wounded during an attack on his residence on the night of July 7. Moise’s wife was also injured and hospitalized in Miami. She later revealed that the mercenaries were to kill the president and his family to obstruct his flagship projects: roads, drinking water, a referendum and elections.

On July 26, the Haitian police placed Jean Lagel Siville, the chief security coordinator in the Moise protection service, under arrest.

On July 26, the country’s police put former judge Vindel Cock-Telot on the wanted list as part of a murder investigation. Earlier this year, Haiti’s president suspended three judges, including Cock-Telot, on suspicion of involvement in a plot against the country’s former leader. At the time, Moïse’s actions were deemed unconstitutional by the panel of judges, after which the courts went on strike for several months.

Among those detained in connection with Moiz’s assassination are U.S. citizens who said they had no intention of killing the president, they were only acting as interpreters. According to them, the assassination of the Haitian leader was ordered by a foreigner, Mike.