Suspect of sending a poison letter to Trump will face trial in the U.S.

A woman suspected of sending a letter of poisonous ricin to U.S. President Donald Trump will face trial in the United States. This was reported on Monday, September 21, Canadian TV channel CTV.

The channel specified that the court hearing was to be held on Monday, but was postponed until Tuesday, September 22. The woman is said to have been involved in sending several more letters of poison in Texas. It is not known whether she is a Canadian citizen.

Suspected of sending a poisoned letter to Trump was stopped at a border crossing in New York State while attempting to enter U.S. territory from Canada, it was reported earlier that day. She was carrying a pistol.

Earlier Monday, the FBI suggested that a parcel with poison for Trump might have come from Canada. The Canadian Royal Mounted Police joined the investigation.

The parcel was intercepted on September 19 by US special services. The parcel contained the poisonous substance ricin, which is derived from castor beans. As the channel notes, all mail sent to the White House is subject to preliminary inspection outside of it. Ricin, if swallowed, can cause nausea, vomiting, failure of internal organs and death.