Swedish activists save glaciers with blankets

Swedish environmentalists have invented a way to reduce the rate of melting of glaciers. In their experiments they used a special material, which proved to be very effective. According to Reuters magazine, eco-activists managed to save 4 meters of Helags glacier.

Eric Hassa with a group of conservation volunteers covered part of the glacier with a special woolen fabric, which was covered with cornstarch. They managed to cover a surface area of more than forty square meters.

The head of the experiment reported that their fabric helped save from 3.5 to 4 meters of Helags Glacier. The activist said that in the future it is planned to increase the scale of the experiment, in order to get more detailed data.

It is also planned to increase the interest of the scientific community in their activities. It is worth noting that to obtain more effective results requires the use of thinner and lighter material. For this purpose, negotiations are already underway with factories that produce fabrics.

According to the scientist, glaciers are very important for our planet. They are a major source of fresh water on our planet, and also serve as an indicator of the global temperature rise on Earth.