Swedish Foreign Minister explained the lack of strict quarantine

The lack of a strict quarantine in Sweden is due to the trust in the society, which allows to avoid strict orders. This was stated by Swedish Foreign Minister Ann Linde.

“We have a different tradition and culture in Sweden. We have very small ministries, big powers, high level of trust between the Swedish people, authorities and politicians,” she said in an interview with Politico.

Linde noted that Sweden, like the rest of the world, faces the same challenge – to stop the spread of the virus, to avoid overloading the health system and economic collapse. However, because of public trust, the recommendations look “like something to stick to”.

As an example, Linde cited the situation with Easter trips to the island of Gotland, when after the recommendation of the authorities, attendance has decreased by 96%. She added that the authorities were prepared to introduce strict measures in case citizens did not follow the recommendations. In addition, Sweden also expected the negative impact of the pandemic on the economy.

“We expect the GDP to drop by 4-10%, we have a very high (projected) unemployment rate of 10%,” she added.