Switzerland certifies U.S. Moderna coronavirus vaccine

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The Swiss Therapeutic Goods Agency (Swissmedic) has certified a coronavirus vaccine developed by the American company Moderna. It was announced Tuesday, Jan. 12, on the agency’s website.

“Swissmedic issued a limited duration approval today for Moderna’s COVID-19 disease vaccine,” the text reads.

The drug is approved for use by people 18 years of age and older, RT specifies.

Earlier, on January 6, the European Commission approved the use of Moderna vaccine in the European Union. On January 8, the Independent Monitoring Agency for Medicines and Healthcare Products of Great Britain approved the use of a vaccine against coronavirus infection of American company Moderna in the UK, reports NNS.

Vaccination against coronavirus in European countries began on December 27. In mid-December, Russia’s permanent representative to the EU Vladimir Chizhov announced pressure on the European Medicines Agency because of the accelerated certification of vaccines by Pfizer and BioNTech. In addition, it became known that during the study of this drug six participants died and several developed severe allergies.

On January 1, it was reported that an employee of Aurora Medical Center in Wisconsin in the United States intentionally tampered with 500 doses of a vaccine from COVID-19 of the American biotechnology company Moderna.