Switzerland will ease quarantine restrictions from March 1

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The Swiss government will relax restrictions imposed because of the coronavirus infection as of March 1. This was announced on Wednesday, February 17, on the website of the country’s government.

The plan is to open stores, museums, libraries, and to allow people into sports and entertainment venues.

“Private events with a maximum of 15 people will again be possible outdoors. Young people under the age of 18 should again be allowed access to most sports and cultural activities,” the text reads.

The federal council will make the final decision on the adoption of these relaxations on Feb. 24 after consulting with the cantons, RT reports.

Earlier in the day the scientific adviser of the British government Mark Woolhouse stated that the main infections of COVID-19 take place indoors and not outdoors.

According to the expert, the government must take this information into account when deciding on the timing of withdrawal from the regime of social restrictions.