Syrian military found “torture cells” in a village near Aleppo

Syrian soldiers found a police station with cells in the liberated village of Urem near Aleppo where terrorists were torturing detainees.

For several years, the village had been under the control of three different militant groups, including Jabhat al-Nusra, and each of them used the premises for torture, local residents said.

The site was housed in a former building of the veterinary clinic. According to a local resident, Faisal Garaf, the terrorists beat him to admit that he was working for government forces. Militants fed the detainees little more than torture and humiliation. The military found scattered documents here, some of which the militants burned before retreating.

Terrorists severely destroyed the village, including digging huge pits in an attempt to find gold and jewelry, allegedly buried in the foundation of an ancient Christian temple of the Byzantine period located here. Locals say the militants wanted to blow up the monument itself during the retreat, but failed to do so.

Now the refugees are returning to the village.