Tanker grounded in the Suez Canal blocked traffic

The traffic of vessels in the Suez Canal has been suspended due to the grounded tanker. This was reported by Metro on Thursday, August 9.

According to Sky News Arabia, after a while the vessel was successfully brought off the shoal, and the channel was unblocked. The Suez Canal Authority was forced to temporarily suspend traffic while work continued to free the ship.

It is specified that it is a dry cargo vessel Coral Crystal under the flag of Panama, built in 2012.

On March 23, the container ship Ever Given under the flag of Panama ran aground in the south of the Suez Canal. It blocked the traffic of all ships. On March 29, the container ship was taken off the shoal. On the same day, Osama Rabia, head of the Suez Canal Authority, blamed the incident on the captain of Ever Given. On April 6, Suez Canal traffic was restored.