TCL Fold ‘n Roll – 3-in-1 conceptual device

TCL introduced the conceptual smartphone Fold ‘n Roll – a device with two ways to expand the working surface of the display.

The device’s screen can either be simply folded outward into a tablet, or it can be further extended (works about the same as the company’s last concept), which will increase the diagonal even more. TCL has combined hinges and next-generation mechanics to realize both of these formats in one device. In addition, the Fold ‘n Roll can be used as just a regular smartphone.

In its normal state, the 6.87-inch screen can be enlarged to 8.85 inches. A sliding mechanism allows you to increase the diagonal up to 10 inches. The tablet format changes the aspect ratio, making the device suitable for multimedia.

It’s important to understand that the Fold ‘n Roll is just a prototype. TCL noted that it will be some time before 3-in-1 devices like the Fold ‘n Roll appear in stores. Later this year, the company will release a simpler device with a flexible screen, but no specific details have been released yet.