TeamCIS built an exact replica of “Putin’s palace” from Navalny’s film In Minecraft

An exact copy of “Putin’s palace” from Alexei Navalny’s film appeared in the Minecraft game. A copy of the “palace” near the Black Sea was built by the TeamCIS team.

The authors of the project are engaged in recreating various buildings in Russia and the CIS in a popular computer game on a scale of 1 to 1. In the video published by TeamCIS they even showed a hookah room and an aquadiscotheque.

After the publication of the investigation about the “palace for Putin,” there were many jokes in social networks about its recreation in various video games. On YouTube, for example, there are already instructions on how this can be done in Sims.

Navalny published a film about the palace for 100 billion rubles near Gelendzhik a week ago. The blogger claims that it was built for President Vladimir Putin, but there is no proof of this. The Kremlin said that the object belongs to businessmen, whose names the authorities are not allowed to disclose.