Telegram added a fraud flag to “Trump channel” and blocked dozens of channels with hate speech

Telegram has removed dozens of channels for inciting violence. The channels in question are far-right channels that promote white supremacy and publish Nazi symbols.

“Our terms of use prohibit public incitement to violence,” Telegram spokesman Mike Ravdonikas said. – In the last 24 hours, we have blocked dozens of public channels that incited violence by thousands of subscribers.”

Asked by TechCrunch if the blockages were related to last week’s storming of the U.S. Capitol, Ravdonikas said Telegram would “review all reports that come in” and that the company was “closely monitoring the current situation.”

Telegram believes these channels were part of a major action. Many of them published information about backup accounts, where subscribers could move to after the ban. That said, TechCrunch believes the series of blockages may be related to the efforts of activist Gwen Snyder, who launched a major campaign on Twitter against extremist channels after the riots in Washington.

“We’ve been monitoring these Nazi channels for years and reporting explicit calls for violence, and Telegram did nothing. Finally our efforts have worked, and Telegram is dismantling a network of extremist channels that have been trying for months and years to incite the terror we saw in Washington,” Snyder said.

In addition, Telegram added a fraud flag to Donald Trump’s fake account. The channel in question is Donald J. Trump. The corresponding warning is placed next to the name of the channel and in the “description” column.

“Many users have reported that this account belongs to scammers. Please be careful, especially if you are asked for money,” the message reads.

The channel has more than 550,000 followers and posts reposts of the president’s Twitter posts and links to official White House messages. There was no information about Trump having a Telegram channel.

This month, Telegram has become the second most used messenger in the United States: within 72 hours, 25 million people registered on the platform. The reason for the surge in downloads was a change in WhatsApp’s privacy policy: the app announced that it would send some of its users’ data to Facebook. In addition, the growth in popularity of the application was influenced by the blocking of the messenger Parler, which is associated with Donald Trump’s supporters, in the AppStore and Google Play.

Earlier, many social networks and services, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, blocked Donald Trump’s accounts after the riots in Washington, D.C., that left five people dead. Trump’s Twitter account was deleted over accusations of “inciting violence.” Facebook and Instagram also banned Trump from posting posts “indefinitely.” In addition, Trump’s ban was supported by Discord. The platform blocked The Donald’s server “because of its overt association with an online forum used to incite violence and plan armed insurrection.”

Today it became known that the U.S. House of Representatives voted to impeach Donald Trump. The lower house of the U.S. Congress is trying to remove Trump from power for the second time. The resolution will be sent to the Senate of Congress for consideration.