Tesla “saw” a man in an empty cemetery

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Equipped with a built-in autopilot function, the Tesla car “saw” the silhouette of a person in an empty cemetery. The video was posted by Twitter user Ovidiu Maciuc on Tuesday, January 12.

The published video of the owner of the semi-autonomous car shows that the on-board computer detected and showed a silhouette standing next to the car. Then the collision avoidance system showed that the silhouette moved in the opposite direction from the car and disappeared. The driver himself assures that he was at the cemetery alone and even demonstrates it on the record.

The video has caused interest among users of microblog. In addition to the obvious computer error, they expressed the version that technology has finally reached the other world. Commentators suggested the author to return to the same place and try again to “see” the ghost. He replied that he had already thought about it, but so far he is a little scared.

Tesla representatives have not yet commented on the video.