Texas residents were warned about a brain-eating amoeba found in water

Authorities of Texas city of Lake Jackson urged residents not to drink tap water after the discovery of a parasite in it, affecting the human nervous system. This was stated in a press release published on Facebook page.

According to experts, the parasitic organism of Negler Fowler causes primary amebic meningoencephalitis, which often ends in the death of the patient.

“Lake Jackson was informed about the presence of Fowler’s brain-eating amoeba negleria in the water supply network,” the city authorities said. Because of the amoeba infection, a six-year-old boy ended up in the hospital. Three out of 11 samples showed that amoeba is in the water supply system.

Initially, residents of the city were called to stop using tap water, but then they were allowed to stop boiling.

“An amoeba of Neglery Fowler does not cause infection if it is in the water that a person drinks because the amoeba is destroyed by gastric juice. However, an amoeba can cause infection if it enters the human body through the nose,” the doctors explained.