Thai woman was infected with coronavirus twice in one month

A 38-year-old woman in Thailand has re-infected with coronavirus, the Thai Rat newspaper reported. Both cases occurred within one month. Returning from abroad, the Thai woman came to a doctor in Bangkok on March 12 with complaints about symptoms of viral infection. The test for COVID19 was positive. The patient, after spending 2 weeks in hospital, was cured and discharged after triple negative coronavirus test.

The woman returned home to Chaiaphum Province, but a few days later, on April 4, she went back to the doctors with the same complaints as last time. She was given the triple test again and it was positive again. The woman was hospitalized in the infectious diseases department of the hospital in her home province and she is being treated.

“This is an odd case, but it has been confirmed by medical records and the testimony of doctors at the Bangkok hospital during the epidemiological investigation,” said Watchira Botphibun, Chai Phum Provincial Director of Health.

The case, although strange, is not unique – in China, COVID was again detected in discharged patients after testing19.