Thailand will declare a state of emergency for the coronavirus on March,26

In response to the Coronavirus epidemic of a new type, Thailand’s authorities have decided to declare a state of emergency in the country. The new measures, which will take effect on 26 March and will last for a month, said Prime Minister Praet Chan-Ocha, reports ABC News.

In a brief television address broadcast by Thai PBS, the prime minister said the regime does not mean “total bans” for now. In the initial phase, the restrictions will only affect some regions. “As far as bans are concerned, some of them will require the cooperation of society. Some of them will be in the form of clear orders,” General Chan-Ocha said.

He also asked the public to remain calm and avoid panic, including the desire to “buy as many goods as possible in the pro-Kazakhstani district. The prime minister also warned the Thai people against inappropriate use of social media to avoid the spread of false information about the coronavirus, warning that from March 26 will increase control and increase penalties for such actions.