The 45-year-old Spice Girls member got married and is thinking about having her third child

British singer Emma Lee Bunton, also known as Baby Spice, has decided to legalize her relationship with Jade Jones. The love story of these two performers is difficult to call cloudless. They started dating in 1998, but they split up several times and had affairs with other people. In 2004, however, the couple got back together again, and for good. In 2007, Emma and Jade became parents for the first time, and 4 years later repeated the experience and got engaged at the same time. Now they are raising two sons, Beau and Tate.

Despite the engagement, Banton has said that she has no intention of getting legally married because she doesn’t see the need to back up the relationship with a wedding. More specifically, she didn’t until today.

It is unknown what exactly prompted Emma after so many years to change her decision, but the fact remains that the bride herself told her fans the happy news. On her Instagram account, she posted a photo from the ceremony and captioned it “Mr. and Mrs. Jones.” The new spouse posted a similar message.

The couple is now receiving numerous congratulations from friends and fans, and doesn’t seem to be about to stop there. According to Emma, she and Jade are thinking of having a third child.