The actress from “Game of Thrones” Diane Rigg died

At the age of 82 died a famous British actress Diane Rigg, who played the role of Olenna Tyrell in the series “Game of Thrones”. This was reported on Thursday, September 10, BBC News.

She died in her home in the early morning, told the TV channel daughter Rigg – actress Rachel Sterling. The cause of death was cancer, which was discovered in March.

Diane Rigg became famous in the 1960s, playing in the British series “The Avengers”. She also appeared in an episode of “Doctors Who”. In 1969, she starred in the movie Bondiana “On the Secret Service of Her Majesty,” becoming the only girl agent 007, which he married.

In recent years, the actress again became popular thanks to the series “Game of Thrones”.