The artist showed Keanu Reeves in the image of the Moon Knight for the Marvel series

SPDRMNKYXXIII laid out another cool art, this time he showed Keanu Reeves as the Moon Knight.
Mark Spector made his debut in Marvel comics in 1975. This superstrong hero, whose abilities depend on the Moon, fell in love with the audience, but only now they decided to make a feature film about him, namely the series for Disney +. The shooting of the show, written by Jeremy Slater (“Umbrella Academy”), will start in November, but we still know nothing about this mysterious project. Both the plot and the main actor’s name are hidden from us.

Artist SPDRMNKYXXIII decided that this role will perfectly cope with the star of “Matrix” and “John Wick”, whose experience of shooting in combat scenes will be useful for the role of a true master of martial arts, who is the Moon Knight. It was very impressive for the author