The author of “Game of Thrones” George Martin is accused of racism and transphobia

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American writer George Martin, who still does not finish the long-awaited sequel to the series “A Song of Ice and Fire”, turned out to be at the center of the scandal.

According to DigitalSpy, the performance of the famous fiction writer as a presenter at the awarding of the genre prize “Hugo” caused a storm of indignation among the public and some colleagues.

The fact is that 71-year-old Martin mispronounced the names of several nominees, including Rebecca F.. Kuang, who became the winner of the award for young authors (she soon criticized Martin fiercely, and George apologized, but it was too late). And although among those whose names were distorted by the creator of The Game of Thrones were white, the writer was still instantly accused of racism.

In addition, Martin had the indiscretion to mention in his speech the fiction classics Howard Lovecraft and John Wood Campbell, winners of the Retro Hugo Awards, recently anathematized for their timeless political views. In particular, the Campbell Prize for Young Writers was previously named after him, but after the performance of last year’s Janette Ing, who had labeled Campbell a “fascist”, his name was hastily removed.

Earlier Martin (following his colleague Joan Rowling) was accused of transphobia – for the joke that the Oscar statue is not a man, but rather a “golden eunuch”. For this, “Hugo” laureate Natalie Lurs described George as “a gender essentialist and transphobic”.