The author of the Trump dossier said he fears for his life

Born in the USSR, analyst Igor Danchenko, who is considered a source of dirt on U.S. President Donald Trump, said he was afraid for his life and could sue the head of the American state. This was announced on Wednesday, October 21, The Guardian reports.

According to the “Russian agent”, he became a victim of slanderous campaign and stressed that he had nothing to do with Moscow. Danchenko also intends to sue Trump – his lawyer Mark Sheimel sent a letter to White House legal counsel Pat Chipollona demanding to stop illegal actions. The letter states that the American leader supported a “completely unfounded lie,” which damaged Danchenko’s professional reputation and “put his life in danger.

“I am afraid for my life. I want my health to be all right, I want to stay alive,” the man said.

In 2015, Democratic Party supporters and Trump’s opponents hired a research firm, Fusion GPS, led by Glenn Simpson, to compile a negative file on Trump. Later on, Christopher Steele, the head of the London firm of former British intelligence officers, was involved in the work. The BuzzFeed portal published a document which claimed that “Russian agents” had compromising information about Trump.

Trump’s headquarters spent over $1 million on the so-called Russian case.

In July of this year, the U.S. media had declassified the identity of Steele’s “source”. According to their data, it was Igor Danchenko, an analyst born in Ukraine and raised in Russia. After that, he worked in the United States as an expert on Russia and Eurasia.

In September, U.S. Senator Lindsay Graham described the man who became the source of the Trump dirt as a “possible Russian agent,” and after a while Trump posted a post on Twitter that said Danchenko was a “Russian agent.