The BRAIN Initiative has developed an accurate map of mammalian brain activity

A group of international scientists studied the brains of mice, monkeys and humans. During the study, in which more than 250 scientists from different countries took part, they managed to build the most accurate atlas at the moment of the neural connections of the brain. An article containing the results of the study has been published in the journal Nature.

The project has been underway for 8 years. The study began in 2013, launched at the initiative of the U.S. White House during the reign of Barack Obama. At the initiative of the Obama administration, a special project BRAIN Initiative was developed to promote development and research in the area of the brain. The project is aimed at studying the properties and features of the brain.

For eight years a group of scientists studied billions of neurons responsible for certain functions in human behavior and organism. The interconnections of neurons, called synapses, were also subjected to a detailed analysis. Thanks to hard work, the scientists managed to make the most accurate map of brain activity in mammals. The scientists combined general information about the behavior of neurons and synapses, all of which will help in future research, as well as in the treatment of many diseases, according to the project participants.