The British cathedral housed “Last Supper” with African-American Jesus

In St. Albany Cathedral in the British county of Hertfordshire there was a painting “Last Supper” with a black man as Jesus. It is reported on the temple website.

According to representatives of the cathedral, the painting was hung on June 30 “as part of the prayer installation” on one of the altars in solidarity with the movement Black Lives Matter.
The painting was painted by the artist Lorna May Wadsworth back in 2009. As a model, she used a Jamaican “to make people think about the Western myth that he had blond hair and blue eyes.

In 2009, the painting was damaged by an intruder who fired an air gun at it.

The rector of the cathedral decided to place the canvas on the altar after the words of Archbishop Justin Welby of Canterbury that the Anglican Church needs to revise the image of Jesus as a white man. Wellby noted that Jesus “was from the Middle East” and published in social networks his “favorite images of Christ from around the world.

There have been mass rallies against racism in Europe over the past month. They were provoked by demonstrations in the U.S., where African-American George Floyd died in late May as a result of severe police detention.

In London on June 13, during the protests, law enforcement officers detained more than 100 people. In addition, in Britain, vandals painted a monument to Winston Churchill, accusing him of racism.