The Bundestag called Die Zeit’s call to save gas ideological nonsense

The appeals of “Die Zeit” newspaper to save natural gas in order not to pay Russia are to be perceived as ideological nonsense. This was stated by a member of the Bundestag Committee on Foreign Affairs Waldemar Gerdt on Friday, October 15.

“Such statements should be perceived as ideological marasmus. This is the agony of the European Union and the failure of the current policy. I believe that everything will return to pragmatism when it concerns everyone after all. You can play with words when, as they say, “they are out of their minds,” but when there is less of this “grease,” everyone begins to think, “- he said.

Thus he commented on the article of a German newspaper Die Zeit. In the article the author urges the residents of Germany to save gas in order “not to please” and not to pay the Russian Federation.