The cat who caught mice in the British Foreign Office retired

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Palmerston, the official cat mice of the British Foreign Office, retired after four years of diplomatic service. This was reported in a message distributed on Friday, August 7, on Twitter of the Foreign Office.

It is noted that during the quarantine, introduced in the country because of the coronavirus pandemic, one of the employees of the Foreign Office took the cat to his home, the pet will stay with him.

“After four and a half happy years, Palmerston retired at the end of August – he enjoyed living in quarantine so much in the countryside that he decided to stay there. Everybody in the Foreign Office will miss him,” ministry chief Stephen McDonald wrote on Twitter.

In 2018, it was reported that the main mice at the residence of the British Prime Minister, the cat Larry, fought with the cat Palmerstone. According to the Daily Mail, the cat Larry lost his collar in the fight, in connection with which journalists awarded the victory to Palmerston.