The cause of the fire that killed 19 people in New York City has been named

The fire in a high-rise apartment building in the Bronx (New York), in which 19 people died, began because of a faulty electric heater. Daniel Nigro, head of the New York City Fire Department, made the announcement Sunday, Jan. 9.

“It all started with a faulty electric heater. That caused the fire,” Nigro said at a news conference.

He said the fire initially broke out in a two-story apartment, the fire only engulfed the entire house after the family living in that apartment failed to close the door behind them when evacuating.

As a result, added the firefighter, the second and third floors of the building were on fire, while the smoke enveloped the house completely.

The head of the fire department concluded that the victims were “literally on every floor of the building.”

Earlier on Sunday, New York City Mayor Eric Adams confirmed media reports that nine children and ten adults were killed in a fire in the Bronx.

A total of 63 people were injured in the fire, 32 of whom were hospitalized in serious condition and their lives are in danger.

The fire occurred on the third floor of a 19-story building at the intersection of Teabout Avenue and Folin Street at about 10:50 a.m.